Blatant Bias o the BBC

Blatant bias o the BBC

It’s no always what they tell you
sometimes it’s what they don’t
or what they should have telt ye
but often times they won’t

It’s no just aboot the stories
or the programmes they commission
nor is it just the blatant lies
sometimes it’s in the omission

O the maist important details
in shows devoid of facts
with pre approved expert speakers
for emphasis and greater impact

It’s no always what’s reported
sometimes there’s a truth in what they say
But it’s the bits that they miss oot
that can lead the viewer astray

And once you become aware of
the nature of the game they play
you start to seek your own truth
and look at it in a different way

You see how these shows are presented
and the subtlety of their lies
and you get to a point in your thinking
where you’re no longer even surprised

And when your inner cynic awakens
there can be no turning back
You’ll start to question everything
that’s put out by political hacks

You’ll watch shows like question time
with loaded guests and questions
which by now have lost their impact
and make very little impression

Because you know that you’re being lied to
and you’ve heard it all before
Once maybe you were blinded
but now you know the score

So what to do I ask you
The answer I’m sure you know
is to cancel your tv licence
and stop watching these bloody shows

The moment you have done this
Is the moment that you will be
free of the propaganda and
The blatant bias o the BBC

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